Monday, 7 March 2016

Maternity Leave To-Do List

So I am officially on my maternity leave, I left work 5 weeks before my Little One is due quite simply because 1. I could and 2. I couldn't handle it anymore. My job isn't one that can be done part time and it would be a strain on my office for me to continue taking half or full days as holiday and a full Monday - Friday working week was quite simply too much. So, as of last Friday, I handed over all of my accounts and left to be a lady of leisure for 5 weeks before we're graced with our new bundle of joy and the real hard work begins. Although many will think I've essentially got a 5 week holiday and that I'm over prepared, they would be wrong. I have so many odd jobs around the house that need to be done, TV shows to be caught up on and things to keep my physically active that I doubt I'll get bored too quickly.

1. Washing - As with most expectant Mothers, I have an urge to wash all of my Little One's clothes before she get here. I actually need James to clean our washing machine filter before I'll do this but as soon as he does her Muslin Cloths, Clothes and Bedding will all go through a nice wash ready to put organised and put away properly.

2. Cleaning - Obviously my house needs a good clean, not because I haven't cleaned it in a while but every now and then I have a good deep clean and if I'm honest I've been putting it off for a few weeks until my Maternity Leave. Places that usually get overlooked such as beneath the drawers and behind the sofa will get a jolly good hoover and the bathroom will be scrubbed within an inch of it's life!

3. Sorting the Wardrobe - Something that I actually did back in December/January already needs to be done again. Obviously I hope to be coming out of my maternity clothes soon so I need to prepare my normal ones back to be worn again. There are certain things that I know I won't wear once I'm a Mum (that lovely white Jack Wills jumper may be a risk too far) and so will be popped on eBay to earn a few extra pennies.

4. Sorting James' Wardrobe - When he lived with his parents, James essentially rotated the same clothes straight out of the wash and I don't think I ever saw him reach into his drawers to get clothes out as they were never put away. Obviously he doesn't get away with that anymore but what once was an organised chest is now quite frankly a mess. He doesn't particularly care and you could argue that it's his clothes so neither should I, but I like things to have a place and as I'll be doing all of the washing and ironing for the foreseeable, I want to know where I'm putting it and eliminate him rooting around in his drawers in the early hours of the morning because he can't find his socks!

5. Scheduled Posts - Obviously I don't want this blog to become totally neglected once Little One is here, so I've already started scheduling a couple of posts for around when she's due. I'm enjoying being able to post ad hoc at the moment so will try and keep that up until she gets here but I know it'll be a while until I will have time to sit down and write so I need some content to keep things moving!

6. Youtube - I adore doing YouTube but when I'm working full time I simply struggle to find the time. Our house is basically too small and noisy to film whilst James is around (and he'd only laugh at me anyway) and we've ben really lucky to have loads of weekends together recently. I'm actually looking forward to a few days with the house to myself to sit and record some YouTube Videos to try and ignite my venture into that world.

7. Swimming - As I said in the intro, I want to try and keep physically active as much as possible. I'll admit I'm going swimming on my own for the first time in a while today and I'm a bit nervous in case anything should happen but it's important to me not to lose the last bit of fitness that I have left before she arrives. I'm also so keen to get active after she's born so I'm hoping it may give me a head start.

8. Walking - Much as above but with the added bonus of having some quality time with my dog. He's been the focal point of my life for his whole 7 years and the whole situation is already freaking him out a bit. I know he'll love just having me around the house but he'll really appreciate some lovely long walks rather than quickly being nipped around the block when we have spare time. I know he won't get half as much attention as he's used to once she's born so I think it's important to make him know he's loved.

9. Scrapbooking - I'm not talking about those Project Life things that everyone got really into and essentially created a hard copy of their instagram feed like a year or two ago. If you didn't already know James and I got engaged in January of this year and I'm really enjoying planning our wedding. I know that the venue visits etc will cease for a while once Little One is born but I can still read through my magazines for the odd quiet 5 minutes and do what I can to start piecing together what we'd like for our big day.

10. Sorting out my MacBook - I'm terrible for never deleting files from my MacBook, I actually did my emails this morning which felt great but I still need to clear down my MacBook and organise my documents and pictures. Nesting in 2016!

11. Catching up on Netflix - It may sound a bit indulgent but I actually really want to catch up on House of Cards, Once Upon A Time and Mad Men before baby arrives, I know that binge watching Netflix shows wrapped up in a duvet on the sofa will be a thing of the past once we've got our bundle of joy to look after so I want to enjoy it whilst I can and get as caught up as possible!

12. Stock Pile on Food - Another thing that I doubt we'll have much time for in the beginning is cooking good meals from scratch, as I'm conscious of my weight already then I don't want to rely on take aways and fast food so we've already made a bit of a head start on batching cooking and freezing portions for us to simply defrost and microwave when we're short on time. Feel free to give me some ideas of good meals to do this with as at the moment they're all minced based!

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