Wednesday, 2 March 2016

New Mum Questions Pt 4 - The Caesarean Edition!

You can find the first three, more generalised New Mum Questions Posts here, here & here however as I'm nearing my due date I'm getting more and more curious/worried/anxious about the prospect of having a caesarean. It may not be an option for myself and quite frankly anything that gets her out safely is something that I want to do but I'd like a few things clarifying for my own piece of mind first.

1. Epidural - I've been advised that I may need an epidural from the get go, is this to be my aesthetic in case I need a caesarean or should it make a "natural" labour easier? I really wanted to do this with only the help of James and some Gas & Air so would rather wait for any pain relief for a caesarean until as and when I go in for one.

2. Cutting the chord - Can James still cut the chord if she's born via the caesarean? He says he isn't too bothered but I think he might regret it if he doesn't and could have. Obviously everything will be different if we have a caesarean so I'm unsure if it'll be an option.

3. Driving Off - As far as I'm aware you can't do anything for 6 weeks, how true is this? Obviously James needs to return to work before that time is up and we live around 20/30 minutes from our family, can I really not drive for 6 weeks?

4. Light Exercise - Similar to the question above really, I'm keen to start going for walks and taking Sophie swimming (only walking around in the water really) from as soon as possible. Is it strictly house-bound for 6 weeks or can I go for walks in the village and bob around the swimming pool with my new baby?

5. Belly Bandit - I'm also keen to use a Belly Bandit to try and reduce my Mum Tum ASAP. Can I still use this if I've had a Caesarean or will it interrupt with things/my scar?

6. Going Home - Essentially, how long will I have to stay in hospital after? I know that a lot of these questions I need to ask my Midwife and Consultant (and believe me I will be doing) but I want some real life answer from Mummy's who have experienced it themselves.

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