Monday, 14 March 2016

The Gro Company Gro-Egg | Review

The Gro-Egg £21.99 - I'll just start this review by quickly saying I did not pay £22 for my Gro-Egg, I managed to get it off of Amazon for around £15 and they're usually on offer somewhere or another so it's worth having a little hunt around if you want one of these. Moving on from those quick words of advice, I am a natural worrier. I worry constantly about money, time, lack of time, being bored, enjoying myself enough, being healthy, being active so it's only obvious that I would be one of those Mummies who was sucked in by anything and everything that came me some sort of peace of mind that Baby Wood was okay. I had worried about knowing that she was warm or cool enough as babies can't regulate their temperatures like we can and the heating in our house seems a bit hit or miss depending on which room you're in. The Gro-Egg is a digital thermometer that displays not only the temperature but also changes colour to alert you quickly to if the room is getting too cool or too warm as well as a little smiley face just in case you were still unsure (sometimes when it's changing from yellow to blue it can be hard to tell which one it really is). It's fantastic to be able to just walk past her bedroom and see at a glance that she'll be sleeping in a comfortable temperature, we've become a little obsessed with looking at it if I'm honest! The soft glow of the egg could also act as a night-light however for us we think it would be too dim, possibly if this was right next to your baby's bed or they didn't need much of a light at all but as this is actually on the opposite side of her room for now (although I'm considering changes things around even at this late stage) then it wouldn't really make any difference so we've bought her a separate night light. The thing that really sold James on the Gro-Egg however was the customisable characters that you simply pop onto the top of the Gro-Egg to personalise it for your little one. I chose Orla the Owl to match in with her Woodland Themed decor in her nursery but there's also Percy the Penguin or Mikey the Monkey depending on what you think your little one would prefer. These are extra (and I can't remember exactly how much I paid for ours again) but they're not vital for the Gro-Egg to work so could be purchased later and I don't seem to remember it costing more than around £8. Plus it adds so much to the look of the Gro-Egg that I just couldn't resist. It's yet another wonderful invention from the Gro-Company that I don't think I could live without, every time I visit their website I see something new that I just know will change our lives with Little One. 

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