Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Old Vicarage Southwell

Last Saturday James and I thought we were actually going to rule out a potential wedding venue, James thought that from the photographs he had had thrust under his nose that The Old Vicarage looked like a normal detached house in the middle of an ordinary village and was not overly impressed. I, on the other hand, have been in love with The Old Vicarage ever since my previous Manager married there in 2012 but knew that this has to be one day that is about both of us so almost went to say goodbye to my dream. I have to say I was a barrel of nerves as we approached Southwell, especially after we had been rather underwhelmed at Doddington Hall the weekend before and James has expressed an interest in a converted barn, not a boutique hotel.
We were greeted by one of the Wedding Planners and much to our surprise, then left alone to have a wander round. Everywhere was open to be investigated and it felt so laid back I just breathed an instant sigh of relief. James is not one to be sucked in by the hard sell and the guided tour we'd had the weekend previously did nothing to sell the venue to us so we were grateful to be able to wander around the Vicarage at our own pace (which is obviously rather slow for me these days), make up our own minds and form our own opinions. We didn't have to try and second guess what the other person was thinking for fear of upsetting someone within ear shot who worked there and also didn't have to try and hide our excitement in case someone felt that they could take advantage. We could suggest things to each other, express what we liked and what we would have different openly which made the whole process so much less stressful. I was also able to ask him freely if we could get a quote without worrying about him feeling pressured into saying yes in front of a Wedding Planner, in which case I wouldn't have asked him at all and we'd have gone away with little more than we came.
The staff at The Old Vicarage were mingling around so you could ask any questions that you required and they also provided canapés (we could have had a glass of fizz but with me in my condition and James driving meant we both declined, but it was a nice touch) which were beautifully tasty and they personally went to check with the chef which ones I could and could not try being pregnant. The quote also felt very relaxed and at no point did they mention booking or trying to secure a date that day. I was half expecting to be told "ooo we're getting full for that time of year" when we said ideally when we'd like to get married but there was none of that and also was pleasantly surprised to check my emails the next day and see that they hadn't followed us up, nothing bugs me more than pushy people and especially with our wedding, we will not be rushed.
We are, essentially, at the stage of merely wandering around venues to get a feel for what we want before we make any decisions as we won't marry until late summer 2018. I want to really cherish and enjoy our planning process so we won't make any decisions for a few months yet but I have a really warm feeling about The Old Vicarage. It's a smidgen out of our price range at the moment but as I just said we're taking our time to find the best option for us possible.

All photos are courtesy of The Old Vicarage as I was too excited to take any on the day!

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