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Clarins Multi-Active Day & Night Cream

Clarins Multi-Active Day & Night Cream £42 & £44* -  It's no secret here that I adore Clarins, they are my favourite brand of all time and if I had to choose one to take with me on a desert island, it would be them. It's only fair to say then that as soon as they release something new, I jump at the chance to try it out and 9 times out of 10 it knocks whatever I was currently using out of the park. The Multi-Active Day and Night creams aren't brand new to Clarins but they have been reformulated and I *think* repackaged. In case you're ever like me stumbling around first thing in the morning then you really can't get these two mixed up as the pretty pink is for the day and the darker blue is the night cream, easy peasy! Myrothamnus is the new addition into the day cream which offers supreme hydration, great for the colder months or if your skin is slightly on the dry side. The night cream has had California Poppy added which apparently is proven to compensate for a lack of sleep - perfect for life with a new baby hey! 
Fancy sounding ingredients may be all well and good but obviously what really matters is results, unfortunately I hadn't tried the previous versions so I can't comment on the differences from then until now however as stand alone products they're both brilliant. The day cream is light yet feels like it does really benefit my skin, I'd been using Origins GinZing Moisturiser before this and whilst it's wonderful for good skin days, they are a thing of the past now and I need something a little more substantial. That being said, although the Clarins is thicker, it doesn't take much longer to soak into my skin and my routine is usually cleanse, micellar water, brush my hair, apply my moisturiser, style my hair (I say style, I mean put into a ponytail, straighten or curl it if you're really lucky). Then I'm good to apply my makeup as normal so it's a winner for me in terms of how long it takes to soak in, which is actually one of the most important things to me in a day-time moisturiser. Pre-pregnancy/baby I didn't have time to wait around whilst my face felt wet let alone now! It makes my skin feel beautifully soft and hydrated all day long, if I'm having a no makeup day then it's hard to resist touching my face because of how smooth it feels and I no longer get any pesky dry patches on my forehead. 
The Night Cream is just as impressive, understandably thicker in texture and takes a little longer to fully soak in but I don't mind this at night. I wake up feeling radiant and although obviously I'm not wearing makeup first thing, I somehow don't feel as self conscious about how tired my skin is these days. It gives me a nice boost overnight that is most definitely needed these days and sets me up nicely for the day. I'll admit that compared to my Elemis Marine Night Cream, the Elemis will always come out on top however it is twice the price tag and I'm not sure that it's that much better. It doesn't clog my pores up and I can't feel it still sat on my skin the next morning or by the time that my head hits the pillow. I've found some night creams quite uncomfortable to wear before as they just sit on the top of my skin rather than really soak in and give me any benefit so whilst this luxuriously creamy and smooth, it actually does it's job too. 

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