Friday, 1 April 2016

My Flatlay Board!

I just thought I'd do a quick post to share my new "flaylay board" with you all! I'm not sure if a "flatly board" is even a thing or if I've just totally made it up but never mind. I posted on twitter that I'd made one and a few people seemed interested to see what it looked like etc so I thought I'd show you in a nice quick blog post. It essentially is a huge (A1 I think?) piece of white card that I bought from The Range for a couple of quid. For a while I used this on it's own but found that, since I'm useless with props, my photos looked a little plain and boring whereas I wanted something more eye-catching. So I hopped off to my local B&Q to get some wallpaper samples, I'm not sure if they like you doing this or not but I just walked in and ripped a few off and walked straight back out. I suppose you could always purchase something too if you felt guilty! I was going to go for four different backgrounds and split the board into halves on each side however in the end wanted one big side with the fake bricks for any larger products or photos with a few different things in. One the opposite side I split it unevenly into two, I didn't measure this or anything but just went by eye to have the granite effect slightly smaller for fewer cosmetics or smaller products. The last "side" is for baby products so I went with the buttons, I just wanted something a bit more cutesy to make my baby photos look different to my beauty ones. Overall I am really happy with my Flatlay board, admittedly it could have been a lot neater but I've never been very crafty so it'll have to do and it all cost me a couple of quid! Here's some photos that I've taken using the board if you were wondering how they look too!

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