Sunday, 3 April 2016

Queen Tea Black Tea Body Scrub | Review

Queen Tea Black Tea Body Scrub* £16.50 - One thing that I have been keen on doing recently is taking care of my skin, I feel so much more glamorous when I've had a good exfoliate and have even treated myself to a spot of fake tan recently. It's so easy when you're pregnant to just slob around and let everything fall by the wayside but in these last few weeks I've really tried to up my game in the body care department. This body scrub from Queen Tea is made from, you guessed it, tea. Black Tea to be precise along with Olive Oil, Sugar & Salt and Bergamot Oil so it's super natural. I've never actually had a product where I've known what all of the ingredients are (probably because the list is so long that I give up ready it) so it's wonderful that this has so few and they're all vegetarian. The company themselves are Cruelty Free which I know is a big bonus with a lot of my beauty loving friends out there. Within the tin, it comes in a pouch so it's not super messy and the only thing I would say is that it would be nice if this was resealable, although obviously it can be kept within the tin so as long as it's upright you should be fine. They recommend using this once or twice a week which I'd say is pretty much how often I do reach for a good scrub, either to rid myself or any lingering fake tan patches or just to give my skin a little extra something. I've had a problem with my legs for a few years now whereby they are uncontrollably itchy to the point that I scratch them in my sleep leaving myself with both scabs and dry patches so I like to exfoliate them at least once a week to keep any pesky dry skin at bay. It's another reason that I love how natural this product is as I've found that the more different things I try to apply the worse the problem gets, I'll have to keep you posted on whether or not this helps things completely as it's early days yet but as a body scrub this stuff is seriously winning! 

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