Monday, 11 April 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation | Review

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation £32.50 - I've said in a previous post that I recently went on a hunt for two new foundations, an every day one and one for special occasions. I'd heard a lot about the Touche Eclat foundation from Yves Saint Laurent and seem to have a small obsession with their brand at the moment so was instantly drawn to try it out. As soon as I walked up to the counter I saw a colour that I thought would match me perfectly (as it happens it's a fraction too dark but that's not a rarity for me and as it's for special occasions you never know, I may have also bothered to fake tan) so I waited around to have it applied just to ensure that I liked it. I would say it's definitely a medium to heavy coverage which means that it's getting neglected a little now that it's a shade too dark, if it were a lighter coverage then I'd be able to make it work but it's just a touch too obvious at the moment. It's a dewy finish that without looking too "wet" as I've found often happens with many full coverage dewy foundations and it's lasting power is phenomenal. I'll admit that I only use this with a primer, again because I only reach for it when I'm putting in a lot of effort into my makeup and making time to do everything properly, but I've found that it lasts all evening without budging. It doesn't seem to like having my NARS Copacabana placed over the top of it too much but mixed in together it works beautifully, that could also be down to the full coverage that it just seems to separate from a liquid highlighter rather than blend. Any of my powder products however look beautiful on top of this foundation and altogether I'm able to create a really polished look, perfect for when I need a pick me up on a crappy skin day or for a rare evening out with my Fianc√©. I am slightly gutted that I'm not currently getting more wear out of this due to my mistake with the colour but that's the problem with big department stores with no windows and me thinking I'd already found the perfect shade before the poor girl had a chance to match me, however I'm hoping come summer I may get some form of tan or at least a hint of colour and then it'll be used much more often. 

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