Monday, 23 May 2016

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

One thing that I need at the moment is low maintenance beauty treatments, something that I can prepare in an instant and that will leave me hands free whilst it works it's magic. I first tried these Biore strips a few years ago after picking them up whilst in London, you can see my first impressions of them here if you like. Admittedly a pack of these lasts me for ages as I'm really lucky to live in the middle of Lincolnshire and regularly enjoy the fresh countryside air and so my skin doesn't suffer too much with toxins. That being said I must hold my hands up to my skincare regime slipping massively at night since having a newborn, gone are the days of meticulously removing my makeup and having a luxurious cleanse, tone and moisturise before slipping into bed. Now I'm lucky to find two whole minutes to clean my teeth in between preparing her dream feed, keeping her dummy in and trying to get set up for the night ahead of me that no longer involves any beauty sleep.
One area of my face that has always slightly baffled me is my nose, I know that probably sounds strange but I get bumps on it that I can't really explain. Nothing seems to improve or get rid of them, they're flesh coloured and as such not blackheads or spots but exfoliating doesn't shift them and no matter how strict I am with my skincare routine they seem to reappear with no rhyme or reason. One thing that I've found that will keep them at bay is using these Biore Pore Strips, it must be a kind of clogged pore as the area where they are always leaves the most residue on the strip once I've taken it off. I use these around once a month (but I think you're meant to use them much more regularly, I unfortunately just don't have the time) and usually before an event where I want my skin to look as perfect as possible.
Honestly, my favourite thing about the Biore Pore Strips is a bit gross... I love seeing the results! Nothing gets me more excited that seeing a used strip with oodles of yuck that it must have pulled from my face (I think that's why I do them so infrequently, so that I get to see more gunk on the strips!). The other great thing is that it fits the criteria I explained earlier, I can simply wet these, put them over my nose and almost forget about them completely and get on with something else. Admittedly Sophie gives me a few strange looks to begin with as if she's unsure why Mummy is wearing some sort of mask over her nose (I've not yet presented her with my face covered in a proper face mask, don't want to traumatise the poor child!) but other than that it doesn't restrict me from doing any of my everyday mum chores whilst I'm giving my skin a good old clear out. No making sure my hair doesn't stick to anything or that some form of cream doesn't rub off onto Sophie. Simply wet, place and pull off to reveal some gross but fascinating results!

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