Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Little Butterfly London Bath Time

One thing I have always wanted for Sophie is to enjoy bath time, I'm not sure why but from the day I found out I was pregnant I started to look forward to splashing around in the bath with Sophie and giving her funny bubble hair-dos. I have great memories of bath times with my Sister at my Grandma's house washing the manes of My Little Pony's and the Trolls and I can't wait until Sophie is old enough to appreciate the toys that I've prematurely bought her for bath time. That being said, she isn't even two months old now and apparently doesn't need to be bathed more often than once a week, as it's something that I enjoy doing with her we tend to try and bath her every other night and wash her hair once a week so that she gets used to it and eventually has fun. For now the bath is more for Mummy than Sophie and so I love using luxury products for bath time. Not only do these two from Little Butterfly London look beautiful in Sophie Bath Time Basket (where we keep all of her bath things), but they feel so lovely too. 
Sophie has had quite dry skin from the day after she was born and so the Bedtime Bath Milk is perfect, we'd read that bathing her could make her skin even more dry so it's been lovely to use this in her bath and know that she's getting squeaky clean and her skin is staying moisturised too. The Mother & Baby massage oil is a wonderful luxury for after bath time that replaces her usual baby lotion. I love after bath cuddles with my little bundle all wrapped up in her towel and finishing off with this oil really makes the experience all the better. Not only is it super nourishing for little Sophie's skin, leaving her super soft (well, softer than she is already) and smelling delicious, it's great for my hands too. I could use this on myself too but I try my hardest to reserve it for my baby girl. 
I've found since having Sophie my hands are really feeling the brunt of all of the washing up, sterilising and general cleaning that comes with having a newborn so I love massaging the oil into Sophie and then sneakily adding a little extra just to nourish my hands once I've finished. The brand itself is made for Mums, by a Mum, meaning that you can trust that only the best ingredients have gone into everything to get the most gentle results. It's also made exclusively in the UK so that's another big tick if you're into home grown brands. The list of ingredients that they purposely don't put into their products is almost as long as those that they do, meaning that it's full of natural goodness rather than nasty chemicals, perfect for that sensitive baby soft skin. 
They also have Body Lotion, Top to Toe Wash and a Nappy Change Cream that I cannot wait to get my hands on, I'm aways nervous to use big brands with even bigger lists of ingredients on everything I put on Sophie's skin so to find a brand that I trust is really important to me. Their entire bath range is geared up towards being relaxing and calming, not quite the mini hairdressers that I have memories of but that's for when she's older, for now we relish the time with her in the bath and the sleep snuggles afterwards whilst we (occasionally) manage to feed ourselves and maybe cuddle on the sofa just the two of us!

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