Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Neal & Wolf Haircare Regime

I have always loved Neal & Wolf from pretty much the beginning of my blogging career, I was introduced to the brand via the blogging world a few years ago now and have honestly loved it ever since. I do savour the products that I have from them for special occasions (as I'm stingy with my haircare!) and whenever I bring them out I feel as though my hair thanks me for doing so. Their Super Shine Spray is still one of my firm favourites for giving my hair that extra something after I've styled it but recently I've tried some of their more "everyday" products. 
First up is of course their Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner* which is great for me to actually use once a month on my hair, completely the opposite of their purpose but as I only wash my hair once a week then nothing gets "daily" use from me and this cleanses my hair so well that I like to use it once a month to really get rid of any product build up and almost start a fresh for my hair ready for the next month. I don't use too many products in my hair as I like to limit my use of dry shampoos and hairsprays but I can definitely tell when it's time to get these out and really refresh my hair. It's always left feeling light and weightless which for someone with thick, long locks is nothing short of a miracle. If you were to wash your hair more regularly than I do (ya know, like 99% of the population) then I'd recommend this to be used once a week as I find some shampoos and conditioners can clog my hair up over time. If you regularly use things such as dry shampoo, hairsprays and mousses then definitely do as it says on the tin (bottle) and use this every time you wash your hair to keep it squeaky clean!
I've started to use blow dry sprays almost every time I dry my hair now and I can definitely tell the difference, I actually was under the impression that they were meant to dry my hair really quickly and that's it but now I realise that there are so many different benefits to using blow dry sprays. The first one is that I find that my hair dries in a much more manageable way, usually it goes frizzy and wavy underneath no matter how much I try to dry it straight but when using this blow dry spray it will dry much straighter and sleeker. It does speed up the process of me blow drying my hair but if I'm 100% honest I think that's due to the fact that I don't have to faff around straightening it so much afterwards.  I also find that if I do want to style my hair after (especially curling) then it holds far, far better. Usually I have to wait until the day after washing my hair to style it in any way other than straight as it just will not hold and slips out straight away whereas now it seems to have more grip and I can curl it or put it up right away should I so wish. 
Over the years I've obviously used numerous hair sprays and hands down this is one of my favourites. Being someone who only washes her hair once a week, I seem to get a little obsessive over preserving it as best as possible so if I use products that will make me need to wash my hair sooner I can get a bit grumpy! This hairspray however brushes right out so easily and doesn't feel as though it's left any residue behind either. It holds my hair really nicely in either a ponytail (I have awful baby hairs that usually fly around all over the place!) and it elongates the time that my curls stay tight too, all without making my hair feel sticky or stiff. 
Neal & Wolf have actually set me a challenge to revamp my hairstyle (as I always wear my hair one of three ways, up/straight/curly) but I'll admit since Sophie arrived I just have not had time to sit down and really focus on my hair to recreate something different. We have just booked her christening however and the style that they've challenged me today will be perfect for a day such as that so watch this space for a YouTube video on me trying it out soon! 

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