Friday, 27 May 2016

toTs by smarTrike Muslin Squares

 I remember sending a tweet out a few weeks before I was due saying that I had around 4 Muslin Squares, was that going to be enough? Needless to I was very nearly laughed out of Twitter-town and told to get my bum down to ASDA to stock on up! Now Sophie is here I've realised that I could have a thousand Muslin Squares and it would still never be enough (they're a bit like socks, you buy loads but only ever seem to have the same two to hand) and when it comes to Muslin Cloths, bigger is most definitely better.
The uses for muslin squares really does know no bounds, from cleaning up sick and protecting her and myself during burping sessions, to laying over the top of her changing mat to stop her from the shock of the cold plastic and even to wrap her up in quickly if she wants to be snuggled up but it's too warm for a blanket. I even keep one on hand when I'm expressing in case for some reason there's a spillage (that darned dog barking at the postman makes me jump out of my skin and can leave me with a rather soggy lap!). The recent summery(ish) weather took us by surprise and made us realise that we weren't quite prepared for the sunshine in terms of how to protect Sophie from it. It hadn't occurred to me that she couldn't just sit out in it like I can (I'm one of those people who takes a lot to burn and only has to look at the sun to get a bit of a glow) but, of course she can't be exposed to too much direct sunlight so we were struck with a bit of a problem when it came beaming into her pram. In came these handing muslin squares which were more than large enough to drop over the gap in her pram to give her some much needed shade and keep her cooler. Yet another victory for the handy muslin square!
These ones from smarTrike are bigger than the average muslin square at a metre square each meaning that you can either get more than one use of them (if you remember which corner you used last!) or can use them more easily for things such as a sunshade or to swaddle your baby up in. They're also softer than your run-of-the-mill supermarket muslin cloth and most importantly, they wash really well too! The little bird design makes them a bit more special than a plain white muslin square and I love to use the striped one to cover her pram mattress (after someone mistook her for a boy, it has to have a pink cover at all times now) so that I can easily replace it should she spit up on it.
The uses for these really are endless thanks to their generous size and fantastic quality. As I'm writing this post I'm constantly remembering other things that we've used them for such as play mats, a make-shift towel and even a blanket for my legs at one point! Sophie is a "proper little girl" in the sense that she likes to be clean and cleared up as soon as she's sick and she cannot stand being left with a wet collar. She also loves a good snuggle and to be tucked up in something so these are perfect for maintaining her high standards! Even in the hot weather she was able to be swaddled up in one of these and I always have one on hand for any emergencies. I'd hate her highness to have a bit of spit up on her chin for longer than absolutely necessary!

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