Wednesday, 1 June 2016

John Frieda Forever Smooth Blow Dry Spray | Review

It seems to be a bit of a running theme at the moment that I've gone from never used anything in my hair pre-blowdry to now trying something new almost every week it seems! I've now tried three different blow dry sprays and it comes with a heavy heart that I must say this is my least favourite. It reminds me very much of their Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray, except it's not targeted at just curly hair, but the feeling of it is extremely similar. This is essentially what it says on the tin, a spray for your hair that you apply before you blow dry it, claiming to reduce frizz and ease styling. As with all of the sprays that I've tried recently, I'm not convinced that they make my hair go from wet to dry any quicker but some of the other benefits do speed up my time from shower to out the door, so it's a win in a roundabout way! I will state here and now that it does definitely reduce frizz, which is why I can now leave the house without absolutely having to run my straighteners through my locks to calm them down post blow-dry. If I blow dry my hair properly (i.e using a brush and drying it in sections) then it dries sleek and smooth, it could probably be even smoother if I pushed the boat out and bought myself a new hairbrush (N.b, I have never bought a hairbrush, ever. I have one that's over 15 years old and two that were pr samples and that's it!) that would do the job much better than the one I've genuinely owned for as long as I can remember. What I don't like about this product however it just how it feels, it basically feels like hairspray in my hair which is fine when I want to use hairspray but not so much when I don't. It's all just a bit.. sticky. I first realised when I went to check my phone mid blow dry and noticed that it seemed to have a layer of product over it which felt slightly tacky, again as though it had had hairspray sprayed all over it. I then teased my hair with my hands and noticed that it too felt as though it had a lot of product in it although I'd been careful not to spray too much. You should all know by now that I hate washing my hair and do so once a week (and now I have a baby, even that's begrudgingly) so I'm always careful not to use products that will need to be washed out again and I hate to say it, as soon as I finished drying my hair I was already itching to wash it again. I think it's the hairspray feeling to it (I'm not sure what causes that, sorry) that basically makes my hair seem frizz free as it holds it down more and thus makes it smoother, and it does feel considerably worse when it's wet compared to when it's dry. I did forget about it later that afternoon so it didn't bug me for too long. I think that this would be great if I were styling my hair straight away, it seems to give it a bit of hold and grip that would be fantastic if paired with trying to curl my hair. Also it would be fine if I were washing my hair for a special occasion and then having an "up-do" that would be washed out fairly quickly, but for everyday use it's just not for me. I recognise that I am super picky when it comes to my hair (read: super lazy) and loathe washing it early because I've overdone it on the product and this just makes me nervous that if I don't use is sparingly enough I'll have to start all over again, but use too little and you might as well not have bothered at all. It's still in my haircare drawer and will come out for special occasions or when I know I'm curling my hair straight away, but that's all I'm afraid folks! 

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