Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Behind the Mask - My Skin Fixes!

Finding the time to use a facemask is something that I have always struggled with. It's quite a commitment - application, waiting for it to set and then carefully removing it is something that I can't always be bothered to do if I'm honest! I've tried to set myself a routine when it comes to masks in the past but in actual fact, I tend to use then as and when I feel like my skin needs an extra something. These four are my trusty team that I can turn to no matter what I'm struggling with and know that I'll get the results that I need. 

It took me a while to get into the Origins Drink Up Intensive (£25), to begin with I didn't like the idea of going to sleep with a facemask on and worried about it ending up in my hair or all over my pillow. Once I'd given it a go and realised that somehow, magically, neither of the above happened - I fell in love. It's the perfect pick me up if my skin is feeling dehydrated or dull and is probably the lowest maintenance mask you could find. I apply it like a very thick moisturiser, barely rubbing it in at all, and then leave it until the morning when I wake up with plump, nourished skin! I tend to use this as well as another mask if I'm having a bit of a pamper night too as the others can be a tad drying, so this is the perfect way to finish off my evening and know that I'll wake up looking fresh. 

I was really unsure which of the L'Oreal Clay Masks to get, but after reading what they all did I realised that the Glow Mask (£5) offered something which my current line up wasn't. It's an exfoliating and brightening mask which I find is great for just before a night out or when my skin is looking a little tired. I find that my skin can often feel quite rough, which leads to my foundation looking patchy quite quickly. The L'Oreal Glow Mask tackles exactly that and leaves my skin looking smooth and more even ready for my makeup. I tend to shy away from using masks in the morning as I'm worried about putting makeup straight onto my newly cleared pores - however I've been finding myself popping this on before my shower in the morning to kick start my skincare routine. 

I know that the Oskia Renaissance Mask (£49.50) is something which is often raved about by fellow bloggers, but I'll be honest that I've never really lusted after it. As you can see by the rest of my favourites - I find high street facemasks more than sufficient and so didn't feel the need to shell out on anything more expensive. However after signing up to the Latest In Beauty box and being able to pick this as one of my samples - I'm in love! It is pricey but you only need a tiny amount and it completely transforms my skin, if it's not available in next month's box then I will certainly be purchasing the full sized version as I've been using this almost weekly and noticing a massive difference. It takes away any rough patches of skin, soothes any redness and makes my skin appear so much more even. I've used this after riding once or twice and not felt the need to use foundation afterwards - something which rarely, rarely happens to me!

Last is everybody's favourite and another offering from Origins - their Clear Improvement mask (£25). I've been using this for years now and it's always my go-to when I need a skin overhaul. I'll admit that since I discovered the Oskia Mask I've been reaching for this less, but it's still making an appearance a few times over the month. I find that this takes longer to set, at least 20 minutes (although I do apply it quite thick) and due to it's colour and consistency, I prefer to take this off in the shower otherwise I end up in a bit of a mess - so that means I only really get the chance when Sophie's gone to bed early and I have an evening to myself. It's great at clearly out my pores however and bringing any brewing nasties to the surface, and for that reason I use this around a week or so before a big day or evening. I've heard a lot of people say that this gives them a breakout but I feel like that's what it's supposed to do? So I always prepare myself for having bad skin for a few days, but know that if I keep on top of my skincare properly I'll be reaping the benefits of this mask for over a week afterwards. 

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