Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Summer Skin Saviours

I am extremely guilty of not taking care of my skin during the winter months, in fact, I don't take care of myself at all as soon as it gets cold. As soon as the sun starts to shine and I begin to run out of excuses to get my legs out, I have to turn to something heavy duty to sort out my pins. In years gone by I would also go for a heavy duty fake tan to see me through, however "me time" is now limited thanks to my daughter so I need some quicker fixes.
The Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion is essentially a gradual tanner. I was introduced to this by Anna SacconeJoly in one of her favourites and decided to grab it whilst it was on offer in my local Tesco. This is perfect for the Spring months when I haven't yet managed to build up a tan but still want to look natural, I only wear the fair to medium and it gives me a gorgeous sun kissed look that I could totally pass off as coming from the actual sun. It dries super quickly so I don't have to dodge Sophie's little hands for too long and even once it's built up it doesn't go patchy. I've applied this on perfectly smooth and exfoliated legs and also when I've forgotten to shave and neither time has it failed me! I've also put this on and then put tights over the top and I end up with super smooth legs.
I know that Cocoa Brown are a little controversial in the blogging community these days, but I still love their 1 hour tan. As I said earlier, my "me time" is hugely restricted these days so I find popping this on as soon as Sophie's gone to bed and then jumping in the shower an hour later to wash it off works perfectly for me. I haven't left this on for more than two hours yet as it's still fairly early on in the year so I don't want to go too dark, but it leaves me with legs that look as though I've had a long weekend in the sun. It does go a little patchy around my knees if I don't remove it properly, but a quick exfoliation sorts that problem in no time at all.
Finally is the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Lotion, I've been using this for year's now purely because I love the smell of it. It stops my knees from looking rough and dry and keeps my legs looking fresh for days. If I apply this regularly then it keeps my tan in place for longer and I'm sure it gives me an extra day or two between shaving my legs! The only drawback with this is that it does take a little longer to sink in to my skin, which of course isn't a problem during the summer months when they're out all day - but in the winter it can be annoying to wait for this to dry before getting dressed!
I'd love to know what your top picks are for summer gorgeous legs, I'm really struggling this year with how firm my skin looks, especially on my thighs. So if anyone has any miracle firming products or similar for their legs then please please let me know!


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