Thursday, 15 June 2017

Trainer Goals

If you know me personally then you should be aware that this year, I got into running. My sister has been a fan of running for around a decade now and has been taking it seriously for probably around 5 years. She was actually running a marathon as I was giving birth to Sophie and I definitely use her as my main inspiration. Back in January she started a Couch to 5K group which I dutifully joined, expecting to endure the 7 weeks to support my sister and give up the second it finished. I'm still slightly shocked to say that I fell in love with running! I was gutted when I finished the course that I suffered from an injury, then an illness, then fell into a cycle of generally being poorly, busy or injured and then I totally lost my confidence. 

 That being said, I've still managed to slowly continue losing weight and I'm now firmly below my pre-pregnancy weight. Of course with the wedding only a year away, our holiday at the end of the year and summer quickly coming around the corner - I've tried my best to stay motivated and stay on track to achieve my goals. The running course actually started again last Saturday and I've rejoined to regain my confidence again. I'm extremely proud to say that I noticed a huge improvement from last time and my love for running returned instantly.

In my head I'd like to drop another dress size and lose one more stone, both of which would put me at the smallest I've ever been in my adult life. However in my heart I know that how I feel is far more important than the number on the scales or that's sewn into my clothes. I want to look fit, healthy and like I look after myself more than anything else. I want my clothes to hang that little bit better and for me to be able to grab anything in my wardrobe and know that it will fit me comfortably. I'm dreading looking back at my wedding photos wishing that I'd done more squats or toned up my arms more. This is post was neither about trainers (although they are my new ones, and they are rather beautiful) and it didn't define any clear goals either. But I'm hoping to blog a little about what I'm doing to get fit in the run up to my wedding and hopefully find something that I can stick to for the rest of my life!

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