Sunday, 2 July 2017

Being Sophie's Mum - 1 Year Update

This update is hugely overdue, Sophie turned one back in April so she's now technically 15 months old. I wasn't blogging over Sophie's birthday and I always swore that once she turned a year old, I'd stop referring to her age in months. I can't quite believe that my tiny, defenceless baby is a whole year old. I had quite a lot of worries about her turning one, me going back to work and her generally not being my little baby any more. It's needless to say that she is no longer my baby, she's a proper little toddler with the meltdowns to match. She's hard work, but completely worth it. Sophie can say a handful of words such as Mama, Dada, Dog, Ta, Tickle (kudos to Elodie for teaching her that one), Grandad (almost!) and is constantly babbling away to herself. She dances, laughs and pulls the funniest of faces when she knows she's being cheeky.

In so many ways, being Mum to a one year old is far more challenging than a Newborn. We're constantly unpacking and repacking any bags, boxes or cupboards that we can find. She insists on feeding herself even though it's both messy and extremely time consuming, and when you try and clean her face afterwards you'd think I was doing so with sandpaper from her reaction. That being said, she's an incredibly easy toddler in the grand scheme of things. Teething still doesn't really bother her much and it's nothing some calpol and a nice bath can't fix. She's been walking since before she was 11 months old so she's an old pro now and we've almost mastered coming back down the stairs as well as up. I could not be more proud of my little girl, I know I'm bias but I truly do think that she's so intelligent and is really advanced physically. She's challenges me in new ways every day but on the whole, we're really enjoying bumbling along this journey together and figuring it out as a team. 

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