Monday, 23 April 2018

Origins GinZing Collection

I'm quite lucky that my skin is fairly "normal" in that it doesn't get particularly greasy or dry and I only suffer from the odd breakout which is usually hormonal, stress or because of my diet. Whilst that certainly is a blessing it also meant that I was never sure what moisturiser I should be using. I don't really want one to do anything other than put a touch of moisture into my skin without taking ages to sink in or leave me feeling greasy.

I went to my local Origins counter for some advice way back before I was even pregnant as I was getting bumps under the skin on my forehead. The lady there advised it was because I was using E45 as moisturiser which was far too heavy and my skin couldn't breathe (oops!). People have raved about the Origins GinZing range for as long as I can remember, in particular the eye cream but I'll come on to that in a second. It's claimed to give you skin a boost to banish that tired, dull look that every other mum out there knows all too well and offer you moisture whilst still being light and refreshing. Origins were running a special promotion at the time whereby I got 75mls for not much more than the 50ml pot and so I invested in my first ever "high end" moisturiser!

Needless to say, as I'm writing this post nearly 3 years on - I've never looked back. I've toyed with the odd PR Sample and sometimes wonder if I need something more heavy duty in the winter months but all in all, the Origins GinZing moisturiser has served me very well. It's exactly what I wanted, I just dab my finger to get less than a pea-sized amount for each cheek and my forehead and it's soaked into my skin before I even reach for my eye cream. It gives me a nice little boost but means I can crack on with the rest of my beauty routine nice and quickly.

The eye cream, I really wanted to love, but it just wasn't enough for me. You'd think as a tired Mum of a toddler I'd be all over anything to make my eyes look more refreshed but I just don't think it was rich enough for my needs. I've noticed the skin around my eyes starting to thin slightly and I need something a little more heavy duty.

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