Friday, 6 April 2018

Two Years of Sophie Charlotte

 Sophie Charlotte you are so very almost two, just four more days until your Birthday and whilst half of me can't believe how quickly the time's gone - the other half can't really remember what life was like before you. I often find myself wondering why my childless self actually get out of bed of weekend, what motivated me to achieve that next career goal or payrise - because you are my motivation for everything I do now.

I'm not going to ramble on about her developmental milestones because she's ticked all of the boxes that a child "should" do between age One and Two. She's a walking, talking, independent little sass machine and I couldn't be more proud of her. Next Wednesday, the day after her second birthday, we're going to see a Pre-School as she's so darn intelligent and I'm terrified of that being stifled so I think she's more than ready.

Sophie's second year of life has been full of happy memories but also had some challenges. Her Dad and I are no longer together, a choice that was mine but the feeling was mutual, and Sophie has adapted so well. She loves going to her Dad's equally as much as she loves coming home to me and touch wood, we've had no issues, behavioural or otherwise. I'll do a separate post on becoming a "single mum" another day because this post is a celebration of my wonderful daughter and how proud she's made me over the last two years.

Everyone that Sophie touches is enchanted by her gorgeous eyes, her cute smile or her infectious laugh. She's funny (and she knows it), adventurous and not afraid of anything! It's a shame that rural Lincolnshire doesn't offer more in the way of Toddler groups as I'd love to get her into gymnastics whilst she's still fearless and flinging herself off the arm of the sofa. She loves animals, in particular dogs, and knows to be gentle with them but never seems scared when they approach her.

One thing that Sophie is scared of, is the hoover! I don't know where she's developed it from (perhaps a lack of introduction from an early age...ha) but she hates it, and she hates her toy version too! I'm sure there's a developmental reason behind her not liking noises of that kind as pretend animals that make noises tend to freak her out as well. Other than that, she's completely carefree. Muddy puddles are for splashing in, bikes are for riding (although non with pedals yet of course) and trampolines are for jumping as high as you can on!

Sophie Charlotte, you are one thing in my life that I definitely got right. Everything I do is for you and it always will be. I look at you and burst with pride that I not only made you, but also moulded you into the amazing little girl that you're turning into. Never ever change.

All photo credit: Natalie Lauren Photography

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