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I'm 23 years old, from Lincolnshire and about to become a Mummy for the first time in early April, I started this blog a while ago as "Becka's Beauty Blog" but recently re-branded to "Becka Shepherd" so that it could evolve and change as my life does. I now cover a wide range of topics such as Pregnancy, Weddings, Fitness and of course my original favourite, Beauty.

From time to time I featured products that were gifted to me, these are always marked with an * however all reviews are always 100% honest and as I would want to read from one of my fellow bloggers. 

If you'd like to work with me, see my Media Kit or simply just fancy a chat then my door (aka my iPhone) is always open. Email me on rebeccajshepherd@live.co.uk



  1. hey i was just wondering, on twitter when you ask companies who they can get in touch with so you can work with them, what do you email them saying? I was just wondering because I really like working with other brands but i just can't find a way to contact them other than emailing them myself however i have no idea what to say!
    Thanks x

  2. Hey!
    If you want to email me on rebeccajshepherd@live.co.uk or dm me on twitter then I'll happily have a chat with you lovely! I'm no expert though! Xx


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